Adam Mattis fights for -80kg British Student TKD championships

Our own Adam Mattis, 19 will be competing in the 30th British Students Taekwondo Federation championships in the A Class (-80)kg category this weekend at the University of Worcester.

He is aiming to retain his crown, having won it last year at his first entry in to the competition fighting for the Univeristy of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) where he is a Games Design student.

Adam is looking forward to it and said “Even though I won gold last year, I won’t be overconfident going into the tournament because the standard of competition is improving all the time.”

Wishing Adam all the best for the weekend.

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A couple of photos from the day …

l to r: Masters Brian Kerr, Andrew Campbell, Jonathon McDade. Daley Richardson, Mark Richardson

l to r: Masters Brian Kerr, Andrew Campbell, Jonathon McDade. Daley Richardson, Mark Richardson

Manchester Sport TKD team photo

Manchester Sport TKD team photo

If you have any photos you would like to share, please send them in and we will post them.

Keep stretching!

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Thank you …

Thanks to all the people that entered and supported the 7th TKD England Open over the two days in Manchester.

We had a great time. The competitors fought hard and fair.

Tae Kwondo is a great sport and it also is a great family. Each team competes hard to win but generally we also know how to lose and through out the weekend the spirit of Tae Kwondo was shown to be alive and kicking.

Sincere thanks to Camran, Edinburgh, Elite, Extreme, Falkirk, Future, Milton Keynes, Puma, Skelmersdale, Sky and Strike.

Special thanks to our Chief Referee Dave Hook who was awesome the whole weekend and to Chris and Graham who also helped referee.

A special, special mention to Ric, Neil, Errol, Anne, Jaki and Audrey for helping the event to run so smoothly.

Thanks so much and keep the passion.

Keep Stretching.

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Well done to Adam Mattis who got through to the quarter finals of the Lourosa Open in Portugal last week.
Adam, if you have any photos or a story then please send them in.

We also have a local competition in Bispham on Saturday 13th June 2015 so if you can make it please let Sue know.

Although it looks like it is very far away, the competition in September will quickly be on us.

Over the next few weeks we will confirm the dates for a number of activities including walking up Snowden, the summer training camp in Blackpool and a possible cycle trip to Blackpool.

The tracksuits are still being organised so don’t worry, we are just going to chane suppliers as people wanted a more robust tracksuit.

Keep stretching!

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The Five Event Fun day


A great fun and fund-raising day today. The day was to celebrate the members of the club and to also raise funds for the Daedo electronic hand scoring systems.We hope to be able to raise enough to get them for the competition in April and for September.

It was a richly rewarding event. There were 5 events with each age category: Peewee, Children, Junior, Senior and Veterans taking part today.

  1. Stretching – range of flexibility and the types and difficulty of stretches performed
  2. Basics – performing a range of punches and blocks as directed
  3. Patterns – performing a pattern and being judged on how well it was executed
  4. Kicks – demonstrating a high difficulty kick
  5. Shadow sparring – how well each contestant moved and executed kicks against and imaginary opponent

There was also a champions of champions contest for each event, where the gold medallist from Peewee to Veterans competed against each other to win the champions cup.

Stretch Peewee Children Junior Senior Veterans
Gold Lily Ann Elaine Michelle Daryl Helen
Silver Asanda Emily Rose Rick Zainab
Bronze Izzie Jannah Tom Sundis Jeanette
Overall Stretch Champion: Michelle

Basics Peewee Children Junior Senior Veterans

Basics Peewee Children Junior Senior Veterans
Gold Zaid Howard James Rick Safia
Silver Logan Christopher Michelle Daryl Zainab
Bronze Brandon Elaine Tom Adam Shaheen
Overall Basics Champion: Zaid

Silver Logan Christopher Michelle Daryl Zainab

Patterns Peewee Children Junior Senior Veterans
Gold Logan Elaine James Sundis Safia
Silver Zaid Aliyah Daryl Helen
Bronze Brandon Howard Rick Zainab
Overall Patterns Champion: James

Bronze Brandon Elaine Tom Adam Shaheen

Kicks Peewee Children Junior Senior Veterans
Gold Owen Cara Josh Adam Helen
Silver Logan Harley Mia Daryl Jeanette
Bronze Zaid Connor Rose Gary Susan
Overall Kicks Champion: Adam

Overall Basics Champion: Zaid

Peewee Children Junior Senior Veterans
Gold Asanda Elaine Mia Rick Helen
Silver Logan Jannah Michelle Daryl Zainab
Bronze Brandon Harley Rose Adam Safia
Overall Stretch Champion: Elaine

In the next couple of days we should be adding some more photos.

If you have any photos that you would like to submit then send them in.

Keep Stretching!

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Some more photos from the grading

Here are some photos from the grading, in no particular order…

062 078 072 041 048 027 024 029 019 013 018 015 008 159 155 147 144 141 138 129 128 123 116 107 091 090 167

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New Black Belts and 3rd Dans …

Yesterday, a number of students graduated from Red tag to Black Belts and from 2nd Dan to 3rd Dans.

The day started with a 90 minute lesson then a 30 minute break and a gruelling 4 hour grading session which included all aspects of the Art of Taekwondo. Students had to answer questions and terminology related to the meaning, etiquette and the tenets of Taekwondo.

As well as undertake all the patterns from Basic 1 through to Koryo. Both one step, two step and three step sparring. Both basic and advanced blocks, kicks and stances were demonstrated. Korean terminology and explanations had to be used to describe different parts of the body, foot and arms used in blocks, kicks and stances.It was a very thorough examination of the students mental, physical and spiritual makeup.

Under the new ruling, the Koryo pattern has to be demonstrated which has made it more difficult for students to achieve the black belt grade. The candidates for the 3rd Dan had to carry out the additional patterns upto Tae Baek.

Congratulations to The Black Belt graduates: Feya Mattis, Howard Kwan, Tom Gore, Edward Greaves, Adam Mattis.
3rd Dan graduates: Ric Cooney, Christine and Helen Donald


It is a day that will never be forgotten by the candidates and the grading examiners. Well done to all.

Keep Stretching

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9th Scottish Open at Bellahouston Glasgow – 8-9 Nov 2014

Glasgow was mostly grey but the people were welcoming and friendly. Unfortunatley, we didnt have much time to see the city as we spend so muc time inside the sports centre.

What a weekend! We had a mixture of results. The Bellahouston Centre was large enough but it could not compete with Ravenscraig in terms of facilities but it had good food on offer.

The fights were difficult and it has been quite some time since the team has not won the team trophy.
Adam Mattis, Daniel Martin, Tom Gore, Elaine , Khadija Muslim and Fatima Muslim put in fantastic and noteworthy performances. Feya Mattis and Millie Scholes, Maryam Muslim showed real bravery and courage in their fights. The support of each fighter was good and there was a good team spirit with Jay being the main cheerleader.

Ed, Zainab, Zayd and Safia put in creditable Poomsae performances and Safia grabbed a silver in her category.

The team meal on Saturday was good fun and there was much laughter, jokes and stories. It was a good bonding time.

The team has been invited to Iceland and Spain in 2015 so there is a lot of training and preparation required to make sure the team is ready.

Keep Stretching!

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TKD England Open Championships 2014

What a weekend. Manchester Sport won the team Kyorugi trophy!

We won the team trophy due to super individual results. Everyone competed well even if they did not win a medal. The enthusiasm was brilliant.

We picked up one gold and a silver in the Poomsae competition.

Daryl Richardson won the Best Female Competitor too.

A great day, it was very long though. I will put up some photos in the next day or two.

Keep Stretching!

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Tkd England Open on the 1st June 2014

This weekend most of the team will be going to the Lee Valley Athletics Centre in London for the Tkd England Open Championships.

Everyone seems very excited and the training has certainly been a little more competitive in the last few sessions.

Wishing everyone a successful and safe competition.

Keep Stretching!

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